Introducing the New “CEO” of the PWR Blog Site


Excited to announce that Chandler Birch has agreed to take my place at the helm as senior superview moderator of the new PWR blog website!


I’m continuing to work on the project in a limited capacity. But in terms of vision and leadership, Chandler is picking up the work that I started, allowing me to move on to other projects—some for the department, and others for my postgrad internship at the Statehouse.

It’s been an honor to serve you all.

Hitting Some High Points


It was a pleasure speaking to many of you over the phone. Here are a few of the most important details about the blog and related projects that you all should know.

They're high points... get it?

They’re high points… get it?

*Our target launch date is mid-March, the week of the 16th.

*Photo clarification: All photos can be added to the PWR Photo Album using the link found in our group description. (Click “See More” at the top of the right column on the FB Lounge page.) We need you to submit mugshots to the Dropbox asap, because we’ll be posting those on the Brag Board with student work, starting Tuesday. Seniors, please submit practicum photos if you have those.
*For the mugshots, we’re looking for “professional” more than formal… guys don’t have to wear suits, just look nice.

*Best-kept secret: Also in the group description, you’ll find a link to the PWR Google Docs, where you can find valuable practicum info contributed by fellow students and insider tips for getting bylines in certain publications.

*We’d like to populate our new blog website with content before the launch in March, so if you’re willing to help us write a piece for departmental news or culture (approx. 2 to 5 paragraphs), if you’d like to contribute a blog post on the art or science of writing (approx. 300 words), or if you’d care to write up a short profile piece about a student, alum or staff member to help us get started, please let me know (those who haven’t already). You can start working on content right away once it’s approved!

*We’re talking about putting together a committee of PWR”culture creators” to brainstorm and plan fun PWR student events. If you’re interested in joining, just let me know!

*Most of you voiced the opinion that we should keep student reviews of internships and publications private/offline (for assured confidentiality from internship supervisors and to prevent other writing programs from poaching on our list). However, another large group of you felt that the information should go online in a password-secured area of the site—because let’s face it, Google Docs are kind of ugly. We can keep talking…

*A lot of you liked the idea of upperclassmen and underclassmen sharing key roles of responsibility as we launch, in order to promote mentoring and “pass the torch.”

*If you know a PWR underclassmen who would be a great addition to our blog team but has been left out of the loop, feel free to let me know or encourage him or her to contact me.

*Many of you liked the idea that we ask visiting speakers and seminar instructors to contribute to our blog, so we’ll probably pursue that.

*Wanted to quickly clarify that static categories have moderators too, not just the blog page…. though the roles are slightly different. My language on the subject was confusing.

*Any questions?

Fresh Start for a New Year


Hello friends!

Wish I could say I missed you guys over break… but as many of you know, I actually spent most of the time talking one-on-one with you all (via phone) about the blog project. Fortunately, I got on an unlimited calling and texting plan at the beginning of break—whew, just in time!  Needless to say, speaking with each of you, fielding your questions/critiques and hearing your ideas was deeply challenging and invigorating. Now, more than ever, I’m confident that great things could be in store. Thanks to each and every one of you for your time and energy. Those I haven’t talked to yet are welcome to contact me this coming week. I’m free evenings, 260.804.0913.

Big updates coming soon… stay tuned!

PWR Photo Album


PWR Photo Album

A general photographic compendium of PWR memories: Practicums, conferences, awards, speakers, seminar/workshops, bonfires, student-led special events and much more. Follow the link to add your contributions to our “PWR family” photo album!

As you know, we’re asking everyone to submit at least one photo, a formal mugshot, by Jan. 1st. You can submit your mugshots here.